Illustrator's Hands - illustration by Robert Fiszer

01. Illustrator's Hands

Digital Cows Grazing in the High Grass - illustration by Robert Fiszer

02. Digital Cows Grazing in the High Grass

Encounter - illustration by Robert Fiszer

03. Encounter

Dr Azumi Fujita - illustration by Robert Fiszer

04. Dr Azumi Fujita

Lone Skater - illustration by Robert Fiszer

05. Lone Skater

Industrial Cow - illustration by Robert Fiszer

06. Industrial Cow

Under Pressure - illustration by Robert Fiszer

07. Under Pressure

Rabbits of Teide - illustration by Robert Fiszer

08. Rabbits of Teide


01. Two hands drawing the same line at its opposite ends form a kind of a loop evoking complexity of the creative process faced by an artist. 02. The ability to partially disappear or fade into the background is a talent perfected over years by the cows of Digital breed. 03. This illustration is a digital version of my painting created back in 2005. 04. Dr Azumi Fujita is a character from Netflix mini-series "Maniac". 05. Illustration inspired by PyeongChang Winter Olympics and a video of a solitary skater skating on a frozen mountain lake seen on Facebook. 06. This editorial illustration could have been created to accompany an article about making moral decisions. 07. A woman is enjoying the sunshine in a London park below the word PRESSURE. We are all constantly under pressure, whether it's social pressure, work-related stress, atmospheric pressure or the staring eyes of passers-by. 08. Teide is a volcano in Tenerife. Its surroundings are inhabited by thousands of rabbits. This illustration is a part of a project that aims to show diversity within the family of these little mammals.



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