Christmas animation Concern Worldwide advent calendar Concern Worldwide advent calendar

Digital advent calendar 2015

I was commissioned by Concern Worldwide UK, an international development and humanitarian charity to design a digital advent calendar for 2015. Considering the target group (female 40+ interested in international development and charity) I came up with an idea of depicting vintage fairy lights, similar to the ones I remember from my grandparents' house. Each light bulb marks a day of the calendar and is subsequently replaced by an icon representing a charity gift. The calendar was optimised for three different formats used by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

"Robert designed a digital advent calendar for Concern Worldwide's social media channels. He was a pleasure to work with from start to finish; giving an accurate quote for his work, responding swiftly to emails and quickly getting a grasp of what we were looking for. From the first draft Robert's work was really high quality and imaginative, while still adhering to our brand guidelines. Robert took on board our feedback and quickly turned around drafts so that we ended up with a product we're excited to use across our social media, ahead of deadline! I'd happily recommend Robert as an illustrator and hope to work with him again soon."

Sian Hughes, Digital Marketing Executive at Concern Worldwide
Comic strip

Comic strip for Concern UK

Through this comic strip Concern UK wanted to ask their supporters to call on PM David Cameron to attend the second Nutrition for Growth summit in 2016, and fulfil the promise to improve the lives of 50 million malnourished women and children. Unfortunately the event was subsequently called off and the comic strip remained unpublished.

People in need 50 million promises

Social media graphics

Above are two other examples of social media assets produced for Concern UK, "People in need" and "50 million promises" published in 2016.

Concern Worldwide advent calendar 2016

Digital advent calendar 2016

In the autumn of 2016 I was commissioned again by Concern UK to design a digital advent calendar. This time the calendar was to be sent daily via organisation's newsletter where subscribers were asked to perform small actions like purchasing charity gifts or signing petitions. My response to that brief was a design featuring twenty four houses with people of various backgrounds appearing day by day in their windows.

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